An Ode to Freshman Year

May 18, 2013 in Dallas' Posts

Well the dorms have been emptied, the teachers are finalizing grades, the weather is heating up, and it’s finally time for my end of the year post. Now since you readers have been awesome so far, I figured I would treat you guys with something a little different.

Today, I have decided to condense my entire freshmen year experience into a song because among all other titles I posses, budding musician would be the greatest.

“But Dallas, this seems more like a poem than a song…”

*lyrics were written to the tune of the Trololo song

Shhhhh. Let us not spend time arguing about the trivial differences between a poem and song my dear child, instead let us celebrate this wonderful year! So friends, family, acquaintances¬†I’ve awkwardly smiled to walking on my way to class, this one is for you


As I first stepped onto campus, all youthful and free

A red headed gentleman walked up to me

“Hello my name is Steven” he stated without fear

“I’ll be your RA for the upcoming year”

So I chilled in my room feeling welcomed from the start

Care and belonging; I felt in my heart.

But as time turned and life went on

Constant stress began to spawn

But in this time of constant guessin’

I made it through with a few quality lessons,

Firstly, purchase a soft pad for your dorm mattress

Never eat Taco Bell the night before practice

Always do your homework and write stuff down

Don’t hop in the fountains lest you might drown

Study dates make finals less of a chore

Hanging out on the weekends is better with four (or more)

And if it’s love you seek, or you want to date at all

Don’t go for the girl directly down your hall

And finally, a rule of thumb I highly reccommend

Stay true to yourself, your family, and friends

For they are the ones who will stick with you in the end.


Cheers everybody! It’s been a great year here at Drury and I am very excited for the next three. I will see you all again in a few months. In the mean time, ¬†do something freaking epic this summer.

With love,