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February 7, 2013 in Dallas' Posts

I have always been a huge advocate of equality for all people of all races and orientations. And for the most part, I’ve felt that this was a common view shared by both faculty and students  here at Drury. However, as a committed blogger, my main job is to write on facts not assumptions, so I decided to investigate.  After spending some time talking with older students like my  friend Austin Seaborn, I have found out some good things about Drury’s accepting community.

Austin is a senior studying international politics. During his entire four years at Drury, he has never once encountered discrimination for being gay. In fact, his Drury experience has been something of the exact opposite.

Austin described Drury as being within its own “liberal arts bubble” where both faculty and students share a particularly educated view of acceptance. In the few years that Austin has been here, he’s become a patriarch for the LGBT community at Drury.

In addition to being the first  openly gay student to join a fraternity, he has also been extremely active on campus, working with student government and other organizations to ensure that the integrity of Drury’s open minded policy stays strong. This policy has given birth to a variety of “safe zones” on campus where any student can talk to a faculty or staff member about the problems they may face as a gay person. Thanks in part to students like Austin, incoming freshman  feel welcome the moment they step on campus to the day they graduate, regardless of their sexual orientation. 

After hearing so many positive testimonies (and experiencing a semester here myself) I’m convinced that Drury encompasses some of the kindest, most open minded people in this region of the state. So if you’re a person looking for a diverse, unbiased college who’s only agenda is to educate its students, then let me be the first to say, welcome to Drury.

UPDATE: 2/7/2013

I have been made aware that Austin may not have been the first openly gay student at Drury. I want to first apologize to anyone I may have offended with this claim and secondly would like to say that the overall point of this post was to show the accepting community at Drury. The fact that there were openly gay fraternity members here in the early 2000’s (and perhaps earlier) further proves this point.

Also this post is simply the start of a series of posts I will be making about the LGBT community at Drury. My next LGBT post will cover more issues such as gay relationships, gay falculty, etc.

Thanks for reading.