April 16, 2013 in Dallas' Posts

As you  all may have known, Ryan and I just got accepted into Enactus earlier this semester because, well, we’re cool like that. As a whole, the  Enactus team has been working on some really cool projects lately. One of which is an app called EcoScore. I’m sure a lot of you have seen the adds here around campus for the app, but have yet to download it. Let me just say, you guys are missing out.

Following the local drought that happened last summer, a few Drury students got together and began brainstorming on a solution to this problem. One month later,  these students created a multi-function app capable  of empowering users to better conserve all household utilities, therefore saving them time and money. This time and money can then be used for more important things like getting fresh in the club.

Am I right?

The app starts out with a quick survey to measure your water, waste, and energy conservation. After compiling and organizing this info, the app calculates your initial GreenScore. Depending on this initial score, the app will then offer specific tips and products that can increase  your GreenScore and allow you take control of  your utilities. (Did I mention this app saves you money?)

The link to the app is right here so you should definitely get in on this. You have nothing to lose! The EcoScore team is SO CLOSE to reaching their goal of 1,000 downloads and YOU can help them get there. Whether they’re friends, family, pets, or awkward acquaintances, they can all benefit from this great app. EcoScore is definitely worth the money, considering it’s a free app. Oh and one more thing, THIS APP SAVES YOU CASH.