Steven Anderson, you are beautiful.

March 13, 2013 in Dallas' Posts

Here at Drury, the relationship between a  first year student and their RA is a unique and special bond. I would best compare this relationship to that of  Obi Wan Kenobi and his apprentice Anakin Skywalker ( well before he went all Darth Vader). While being founded on a basis of mutual honor and respect, the two quickly learned to see each other as friends and even brothers.

My wonderful RA, Steven Anderson (or as we like to call him, Sven) is the best example of this. Day in and day out he is constantly sacrificing his time, energy, and dignity to ensure that his residents continue to have a high quality of life. Such a sacrifice was made last evening.










Let me explain. Last night poor Steven decided to test his cosmetology skills and give two of his residents a beautiful (a.k.a. horrifying) make-over. In retaliation, these two residents then decided to turn the once respectable and handsome young gentleman into a fairy princess.

While you try your best to get those images out of your head, let me just say  that Drury’s RA staff is incredible.  According to my friends from other unnamed colleges, their RA is nothing more than an under qualified police man, patrolling the halls for illegal activities and reciting the student handbook like a priest from Monty Python.

We don’t play that here at Drury.

Now I will admit, not all of them are willing to have a make-up party in their residents’ dorms, but Drury’s RA staff is composed of some of the most creative, down to earth, and intelligent people I’ve ever met. (I mean just look at Molly’s blog for proof of this.) And while student safety is their number one concern, there is a underlying attitude of respect between an RA and their residents here. And let me tell you, that is something special.

Thanks for being a good sport Steven.

And thanks to Drury’s RA staff for everything you guys do.