That Weird Feeling: An Account Of First-Time-Back-from-College Syndrome

February 12, 2013 in Dallas' Posts

As I open the door, the scent of fresh fish in the oven fills my nostrils. While taking my shoes off, as to not ruin the new rug, I notice the rug isn’t the only thing different in the house I once called home. The walls seem smaller, my room seems cleaner, the yard seems greener, in fact, the entire neighborhood seems alien. The only thing that convinces me that I’m actually home is the smile on my parent’s face, a faint sense of Déjà vu , and a long overdue kiss from my beloved puppy dog. Maybe this is home.

Every college freshman has experienced what I call First-Time-Back-From-College Syndrome . Not that it’s bad being back home from college, it’s great!  It’s just a little…weird. But why is this?

Well, maybe it’s something simple. Maybe it’s just because for once mom and dad decided to really clean up the place. Perhaps a clean and slightly rearranged house is their way of saying “Welcome home our beloved child!” It could even be something simpler than that. Maybe you just forgot what home looks like after a few months! These are both credible answers, but I have a different hypothesis.

After spending a few weeks in the real world, certain things start to change in a person. You start to appreciate the little things  you overlooked in high school like homemade meals,innocent crushes, and loyal friends. Once life starts to slow down, you get a chance to actually appreciate these everyday luxuries.  What if, home hasn’t changed at all? What if you’re the one who’s changed?

I for one think that this is the answer to the First-Time-Back-From-College Syndrome. While your house may be for all intensive purposes unchanged, your perspective may be completely different.

So to all freshman going home for the first time, enjoy it. Kick back, relax, and tell your parents you love them. After a short while when you’ve got to pack up some leftovers and head back to the dorm, you’ll realize just how good of a life you have.