A Friday in pictures: Snow, DVD Bingo, and more

May 5, 2013 in Uncategorized


As far as Fridays at Drury go, yesterday was interesting… to say the least. The ‘interesting’ part started early in a not so good way, as I woke up to SNOW blanketing everything in sight. Between spending extra time layering up and shuffling on ice all the way to the Pool Arts Center for my 9 a.m. class, I was feeling sassy about the whole situation – I mean, someone messing with the Earth controls REALLY goofed and missed the memo that in Missouri it’s MAY. Case in point, this is the first time it’s snowed measurably in May here since 1945. I’ll type it again for emphasis: 1945. It’s melting now. Moving on.

Lookin’ good, old lady Molly.

The uncharacteristic and wholly upsetting snowstorm aside, yesterday was also the night of my last Residence Life Association DVD Bingo ever, forever. Last night’s geriatric-themed bingo event was the most awesome of all for these reasons:

  1. I dressed like a supremely old and fabulous old person – basically, I was my future self. See photo for reference.
  2. Todd Parnell (Drury’s soon-to-be-retired president) made a surprise appearance and read bingo numbers with his wife.
  3. I got to play this time and just happened to pick one of the luckest bingo cards in the stack. I won a beach bag filled with sunscreen, towels, beach toys, and more, and won two DVDs for friends. Yep – pretty good card. I also got to shout a lot, which everyone loves to do.

Checkin’ out capstone art.

I may not have won an iPad, bike, camera, or TV, but I had a blast with my friends. After being a member of Residence Life Association (RLA) for four years, it’s sad to finally say goodbye, but it was a great organization to be part of.

After dinner but before Bingo, I trudged back down to the Pool Arts Center with some friends to see some of the seniors’ capstone projects. These ones in particular included projects by those studying graphic design and various aspects of art. From children’s books to brewery concepts to sculptures, everything was crazy unique and intriguing to look at. Good job, seniors!

How did I end the night? Gorging on Taco Bell with my friends, of course. For better or worse, that’s how a lot of college students’ weekend nights end.