Drury Family Day and the ‘Awww’ moment of your entire week

October 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Although the weather was nothing short of dreary today, Drury was happily buzzing with students’ parents, siblings, and miscellaneous relatives for Drury’s official Family Day. Since I live an hour away, my own immediate family didn’t visit – although I did coincidentally get to spend the entire day off campus with my awesome grandparents. Due to the short distance, I’m lucky enough to get to visit my parents and older brother whenever I please (homework allowing, of course), but some of my friends here don’t have the same luxury. Thankfully for my good friend and fellow RA Courtney, whose hometown is a long, long, way away in Aurora, Colorado, her mom flew in to Springfield this morning to surprise her on Family Day after they’d been apart for months. Check out their incredibly heartwarming reunion in Wallace Hall right here – I challenge you not to tear up:

Is that not the sweetest thing you’ve seen all week? If you couldn’t be with your family today, give them a call and tell them you’ll be home soon. It’s okay to miss them, and it’s even more okay to tell them so! Happy Family Day to everyone who celebrated.


For this evening’s readers: what do you miss most about your family when you’re not around them? Comment below!