Gettin’ cultured at the International Food Festival

April 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Before I get into the real subject of this post, I guess I should mention something cool that happened to Drury University this weekend. Now, if only I could remember what it was… Did we finally get that shipment of European squirrels? Wait, nope. Did mini tacos return to the CX menu? I wish – that wasn’t it either. Umm, hmm, hum, OH. YEAH. NOW I REMEMBER.


Congratulations to the Drury men’s basketball team as they earned the title of NCAA Division II national champions today! All we DU is win. No, really – #allweDUiswin. Not a bad victory for a graduating senior to witness! Unfortunately I was pulling double duty in Wallace Hall all weekend, but all my Drury friends who road-tripped to Atlanta kept me up to date on the game on Twitter.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Read here. Or here. Or here or here.

The Drury International Food Festival

A really good excuse for a foodie picture: Ecuadorian corn salad, Korean pancakes, Japanese curry and rice, a Nigerian fried pastry roll, and much more. I was SO stuffed!

I may have been dorm-bound this weekend, but on Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending my first Drury International Food Festival, hosted in the FSC Commons by our own talented international students. The formal (yes, formal), James Bond-themed event was a wonderful experience – not only did I get to eat international dishes made by Drury students from Korea, Ecuador, Germany, Lebanon, and more, but I was reminded how many incredible and unique cultures are represented on this campus.

The effort international students went through to put on this event was vast. From a beautiful rendition of Adele’s “Skyfall” and a French song called “La Vie en Rose” by Wallace Hall’s very own Katarina (from Canada but representing Serbia) to an addicting apple tart-like dessert made with the help of my friend Lukas (from Germany), it was obvious how hard they worked and how deserving they were of recognition. It must be really, really difficult to leave the familiarity of one’s home country for a middle-of-the-map place like Drury University in Springfield, Missouri, but my respect and empathy for every last one of them shot through the roof during this event. Their representation of their countries and customs made me so proud to have them here!

Unfortunately, my Vine of some students bringing in their country’s flags to much applause from the audience didn’t want to play nicely with WordPress, but that was my favorite part: watching students wave their own flags and chant, dance, or just smile was incredibly heartwarming. For students who will be walking the sidewalks of Drury next spring, I definitely recommend this event. Get your culture on!

Students, faculty, and other visitors waiting in line for food or taking their seats at the festival.