Holiday in the Halls: Kind of like The Hunger Games, but with decorating

November 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Welcome to the holiday season in the three dorms at Drury, where inter-hall friendships are suddenly abandoned in favor of reckless and violent decorating warfare. Even when finals are on the brink of destroying our very hearts and minds (not to mention our sleep schedules), studying often is pushed aside at this time of year as the residents of Smith, Wallace, and Sunderland become ensnared in a Hobby Lobby-inspired bloodbath. Watch where you leave those scissors, residents of 1 North! You just might find them lodged in your paper maché Santa Claus when you wake up in the morning.

Just kidding, guys. I’ve never seen it get that bad.

But the Residence Life Association-sponsored event Holiday in the Halls is a competition, and some people don’t joke around when it comes to decorating. Or Christmas. Or both. Unlike Halloween in the Halls (Smith vs. Wallace vs. Sunderland), Holiday in the Halls is an inter-dorm challenge: for instance, Wallace is 1 North vs. 2 North vs. 2 East vs. 2 West (or Tweast/the mega hall) vs. 3 North vs. 3 East vs. 3 West. Don’t even ask me to describe Smith Hall – four years later, I still can barely find my way into the lobby of that labyrinth. 1970’s  architecture, you tricky devil, you. Each hall within a hall stuffs every corner with garland, lights, paper chains, and other highly flammable material in the hopes of winning the ultimate college prize – a pizza party!

I don’t know about the other dorms, but tension is building in Wallace right now. Everyone’s saying 3 North is going to take the cake (I mean, a giant light-up candy cane – you gotta be kidding me…), but other halls are rising to the challenge and plan to increase Drury’s electric bill twofold with its awesome holiday embellishments.

Some of my residents in 2 North decorated with me tonight, and we dig our little improvements. As the notoriously quiet hall of this year, we just decorated for the holiday spirit, not to win – as in, we forfeited early on because of the ludicrous beauty of the halls above and below us.

Check out 1 North, 2 North, and 3 North’s decorations thus far… Who do you think is best? Don’t say ‘Not 2 North.’

After you’re done checking those out, take a looky at this video of my residents and I last year as we showed off our hall theme “A Very Recycled Christmas,” narrated by yours truly. Note my former resident Lukas standing in as Santa Claus, Germany edition: