My favorite class this semester: History vs. history

January 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

My dear blog-reading friends, we meet again. Happy Tuesday. Happy storm day. Happy a-tornado-almost-happened-but-not-quite-so-we’re-good day. Okay, anyway.

As it turns out, being this thing called a “senior” in “college” is a really cool thing to be, especially when you get to wrap it up by enrolling in classes that aren’t specifically for your major, but just appeal to your organic zest for good learnin’. That’s the executive decision I made after completing my major (advertising and public relations) in the fall, anyway: since I couldn’t – and wouldn’t even if I could – graduate early, what on earth kinds of classes would I fill my final semester with? Check it:

9 A.M. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: History of Photography in Pool Arts Center, one of the only academic buildings not on Drury Lane, but easily the most awesome one to have class in. This class is a top contender for my favorite this semester because I love photography; however, our first lecture session highlighted the chemical processes of early photography, and if there’s one thing all these years of education taught me I can’t learn (woah, how’s that for an ironic statement?), it’s chemistry. The plus? Yesterday I made a totally awesome camera obscura out of Styrofoam boards, push pins, tape, and a magnifying glass. Now that’s hands-on learning!

We made one of these in class, only not out of wood and mine doesn’t work so far. Don’t judge me. I’m not Ron Swanson, okay?

12 P.M. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: Cross-Cultural Psychology in Pearson Hall, my creaky, ancient, scared-to-look-in-its-windows-after-dark-because-I-might-see-a-ghost second home on campus this semester. Cross-Cultural Psychology is all about how other cultures perceive and interpret facets of human behavior and other cultures in general. That’s all fine and dandy, but this class is a top contender for my favorite just because it’s taught by one of the best professors of all time, Dr. Allen.

1 P.M. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: Business Foundations in Breech Hall, the only class I will ever have there. This class is not a top contender for my favorite, just because it’s about, like, business and stuff; however, my academic spidey senses tell me I will be pleasantly surprised by this class.

1:30 P.M. on Tuesday and Thursday: History of Film in Pearson Hall, on the nosebleed-inducing third floor. Let me tell you, my friends, this class rocks. I love history, I love movies – I love class. Wait, am I just a nerd? I guess that’s not the point – the point is that this is probably my favorite class so far. But things can change, so we’ll see if my opinion sways, especially after I get my first Film exam back. In closing, take a look at some of the first films ever released. We watched these Lumiere brother gems in class last week.

For Drury students, what’s your favorite class this semester? For anyone else, what kind of things do you like to learn about or would like to learn more about? Comment below!