My favorite freshman year photos, series 1

February 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Since the final semester of my final year is barreling on at a faster pace than I would prefer (and the time is nigh for – gulp – graduation) I’ve been reflecting a little more than usual on my Drury past and its associated happy memories. Though harder to remember than sophomore and junior year shenanigans, I always tell people that freshman year was my favorite year overall. Classes were easier, responsibilities were less, and friends were in endless supply; spoiled milk was thrown, dorm booby traps were set up, and people napped in elevators. . . Ahh, sweet, sweet, awkward memories.

In short, freshman year was the golden age of college, which is the golden age of our lives, they say. Thusly, as a sort of ode to my freshman year adventures and friends, I picked out some of my favorite pictures to share and the little stories behind them. I couldn’t just pick five, though, so expect another post or two just like this one in the future! The pictures will almost certainly get more weird from here on out.

This was my freshly unpacked room in Sunderland Hall on move-in day my freshman year. Every time I look at this picture, I remember how cozy and home-like Sundy was for me right away. It’s so cute how I brought recreational books thinking I’d read them!

This is a picture of my freshman year suitemate and still good buddy, Alli, and I fitting into one of our friend’s jackets after wondering if it could be done. Spoiler: it could. This was taken during yet another freshman year cupcake run, which happened, oh, weekly.

This shot is from inside a cave on our end-of-year float trip for my Sunderland Living Learning Community, Outdoors and the Environment. So pretty and claustrophobia-inducing.

This is just one good example of my dorm friends’ and I’s shopping shenanigans in which someone almost always ended up in a cart. We always took pictures of whoever ended up in said carts.

This absolute gem is from a day when some friends and I went to see some newborn kitties at another friend’s house. I *swear* I’m not squeezing this little guy to death. I JUST LOVE CATS.

Looking back at freshman year pictures like these makes me happy to have so many fun memories, but sad that time has to pass and take the depth of some adventures and friendships with it. But each year at Drury has brought new people and opportunities into my life, and that totally rocks – so what else can a college gal like myself expect?

Stay tuned for another post coming soon! For any fine folks who made it this far, what’s your favorite high school or college memory?