On how being sick in college is a little different from being sick in high school

February 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

My only remaining weapons for this nasty cold.

Happy Monday, cyber readers. Guess what? I’m sick again. I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m operating on the immune system of an ant or that the weather last week legitimately progressed like this:

  • Sunny and warm to
  • Warm-ish with a side of typhoon to

…But my routine has been thrown completely out of whack by painful coughing fits, monstrous sneezes, and a tendency to sit and sniff aimlessly because I’m normally too lazy to blow my nose until absolutely necessary. I’ve been battling this bad juju all weekend, but my frustration peaked today when a NyQuil-induced sleep stupor caused me to miss my first class. I made it to my other two, but stumbling around campus like a dimwitted, still loveable zombie made me miss high school, when things were easier. Why? Here’s why.

In high school…

You got to stay home from school and sleep in and play Nintendo 64 and eat Campbell’s soup. At least, that’s what you got to do if you were me as a kiddo. But in college, staying holed up in your dorm room instead of going to class means you have to get the notes or assignments you missed from a friend – if you’ve got one! My buddy James was awesome and emailed me the notes for this morning’s History of Photography class, but still, I wish I had been present to figure out what in gravy’s name Neue Sachlichkeit means. What’s up, Wikipedia?

In high school…

“Mmm, tasty menthol!” – I am the Cepastat spokesperson.

If you got kinda really sick, someone would whisk you to the doctor so you could get stocked up on antibiotics. In college, if your family doesn’t live in town, you’re probably on your own – which means using your resources (instead of lots of your money) to get better. As for me, I go all Bear Grylls on the situation and start hunting campus for my medicinal purposes. First, I always make sure to invest in free cough drops from the nurse. That’s right, folks, you can get a lifetime supply of Cepastat right here on campus. What a deal! Then, I purchase a few bottles of orange juice with my CX funds (thanks, Dad) for vitamin C along with some s’mores Pop Tarts for comfort. Then, I hibernate in my room until the worst of my germiness is over.

In high school…

Nobody wanted you to touch anything and maintained their distance if you did happen to show up anywhere. In college, this is still true. If you still try to attend class, lunch, dinner, and meetings with puffy eyes and a stuffed-up nose, don’t be surprised if nobody offers up a free hug, high five, kisses for charity, whatever. Just don’t be offended – being sick in college is kind of an every-man-for-himself situation and nobody wants your ickies.

But seriously, friends, if you’re really sick at college, call your mom or dad and they’ll help you get to the doc if that’s what you need. The cold and flu comes and goes, but I’ve seen fellow dormmates deal with swine flu and meningitis. Take care of yourself always and make getting better your first priority!

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