Senior Seminar: One project to rule them all

November 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Holy busy-few-weeks-before-an-epic-break, Batman! Between networking meet-ups and group project work sessions and everything else I do on the daily, I’m worn out and I haven’t even made it to Friday yet. But the weekend is just around the corner and as they say, it’s all gravy, because (speaking of gravy) Thanksgiving break is right around the corner and soon the only thing I’ll have to worry about is my carb intake.

Lately (well, lately being this entire semester) I’ve been hashing out a project for my senior seminar class that’s meant to incorporate everything I’ve learned as an advertising and public relations major at Drury. The class has been rigorous and challenged me, but it’s supposed to – and I’m definitely becoming proud of the result. For my two-part senior seminar project, I launched a social network review/advice blog called The Digital Collector and hosted a workshop that taught members of the Drury community the best ways to use the social networking site Twitter.

Me presenting my workshop last night. Thanks for the pictures, Christa (@creativechrista on Twitter)!

My workshop was yesterday evening and the turnout was pretty darn good for my standards, not to mention my friends and classmates came out to support me (special shout out to my fellow blogger Tinsley for sitting in!). I felt great about not only improving my own skills as a presenter and a teacher in something I truly believe I’m becoming an expert in, but helping others represent themselves through Twitter. The bulk of my hard work is behind me, but I’m excited to present my final project to faculty members and community reviewers – I know, scary! – and see my peers’ unique projects, which include websites, marketing campaigns, event planning, and more.

Taking a senior seminar or capstone course at any college is probably going to be tough, but it should be – after all, we have to prove ourselves worthy of that cap and gown before we say “Peace out, cub scouts!” and ride off into the overrated, bill-riddled sunset that is true adulthood. That being said, I’m incredibly appreciative that the Drury Department of Communication has done such a stellar job of preparing me for the real world. My life after college is already planned out and it’s not even December – I wouldn’t have received all the opportunities I’ve taken advantage of if it weren’t for the Department of Communication, plain and simple. Keep that in mind if you’re a prospective student looking at joining the Drury community or if you’re already here and can’t decide on a major.

Time for a coffee run with friends before I go on one of my last duty nights of the semester in Wallace – peace out, cub scouts. Stay tuned for a new post in the next few days.

Now stay even more tuned with this: