What it feels like to stress over midterms for the last time

March 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Happy Friday to anyone and everyone whose eyes happen to fall upon this blog today! Although I only slept a few meager hours last night, I’m surprisingly awake and pumped to take my last midterm exam for my History of Photography class in roughly an hour. I studied my little heart out for this one, memorizing more than 50 names, dates, and chemical processes (like collodian photographic emulsion – I couldn’t tell you what that means, honestly, but it sounds cool). Let’s all cross fingers, toes, and eyes that I get a shiny gold star for my grade.

Last night was a late one, spent in company with these torturous study materials. Be gone, evil Powerpoint slides!

I don’t have much time to blog it up today since my schedule promises to be crazy, crazy, crazy, but I wanted to devote a little time to say one thing: I’m so excited to not freak over midterms anymore. I turn into a basket-case during midterms week because I feel like I have to devote all my time to studying, and that’s nearly impossible at Drury. All is well, however, because after I take this test and go downtown to sign a zoning petition and make boring copies and take the fastest shower known to man and give this girl a sweater I’m selling and eat lunch and go to class and then go to another class and then go to the bank and then pick up some groceries and then I’m not exactly sure maybe clean maybe nap but probably anything but nap and eat dinner and set up Drury’s first annual The Price is Right game and then actually participate in Drury’s first annual The Price is Right game and then crash, I’ll have so much time to blog, it’ll be annoying.

Was that a run-on?

I hope everyone has a wondrous weekend full of strange, exhilarating and perfectly legal adventures.

For a chance to win a picture of me literally balancing sugar cubes on my head, what’s the hardest exam you ever took?