Blogging FAQs

February 4, 2013 in Personal by admin

I absolutely love blogging for Drury Unscripted. But as far as jobs go, it’s pretty unconventional. There’s actually a lot more that goes into it than one might imagine so I’ll dedicate this post to answering some of the popular questions I get asked. So here it goes:

QUESTION #1: What kind of audience do you write for?

This is probably one of the most common question I’m asked and it’s actually pretty simple.  Drury Unscripted is a part of the Drury University Web Communications department and it’s main purpose is to let the world know about what life is like for a student going here. So to answer the question, the main groups of people I try to keep in mind are current Drury students, high schoolers considering Drury (and their parents), and the occasional random internet surfer who randomly stumbles upon this page.

QUESTION #2: How do you come up with your topics?

Probably the second-most common question. Honestly, I have quite a lot of freedom to write about whatever pops into my head. I just have to make sure that it is A. Relevant to Drury in any way, shape, or form B. Entertaining to read about (so a detailed report on the 3 hour trip to the library to study is probably not such a good idea) and C. Doesn’t mention my involvement with the CIA (…well I guess there’s no point in hiding it anymore…).

QUESTION #3: Why did you start writing for this blog?

A very interesting question with a very simple answer. I’ve always liked the idea of writing for a blog and I felt like I could do at least an acceptable job at it but I’ve never quite had something to write about. I was job-searching near the start of last semester and a friend of mine told me that there was an opening for a student-driven blog for the Drury website. I filled in my application, got on my knees and begged to allowed the job, and eventually the very, very, very kind lady who is now my boss caved in and allowed me to write.

QUESTION #4: Do you even like being a blogger?

You’d be surprised just how many people actually ask me this. To answer this question simply, yes. For a little extra explanation, this is just the kind of thing I love doing. I really enjoy the kind of personal commentary that these blogs allow for not just for my own, but for everyone else on the site (all of whom I thoroughly recommend taking a look at their pages if you haven’t already). I suppose I’m kind of a narcissist in that I also really get a kick out of talking about myself and what my life is like. I’m a proud Drury student and I’m more than happy with the opportunity to tell the world about what it’s like here.