Starting My Drury Life Again

January 24, 2013 in Personal by admin


I just finished my first day of class for the Spring semester and I’m exhausted. I sat through all of the syllabus reads and tried to keep track of all of the new assignments I’m already getting. It’s amazing how a month off can totally remove any of your brain’s ability to concentrate on anything but food for more than 10 minutes…which is why I’m eating some toasted ravioli in the CX while I type this post.

Welcome back to Drury!

It feels pretty strange to be back at school again this semester. It’s really nice to be away from home for the first time in a while and to spend time with people that I haven’t seen in a month. However, it’s a little nerve-wracking to plan for the brand new set of classes for this semester and all of the money I’ll probably be spending on textbooks, art supplies, and gas.

I remember feeling incredibly anxious before starting my first class this morning, experiencing what I call the I DON’T WANT TO START CLASS AGAIN syndrome.

Luckily, that anxiety went away and in it’s place came just a little bit of excitement towards my new set of classes. As I reflect back on my last semester and I can honestly say that I really, really enjoyed it. Yeah, I had some stressful days and sleepless nights, but that just adds to the overall experience. I don’t think I would take as much out of my year if it was a total cakewalk.

So in short, I’m excited for this new semester at Drury and I’m looking forward to what the next few months have in store. I hope everyone is having a good time settling back in as this new year of classes start.