Taking Classes Other Than For Your Major

March 8, 2013 in Advice by admin

There are a LOT of different courses available here at Drury but unfortunately, a lot of folks are kept from really exploring because they believe that they should only be taking classes that follow their major. While it is a very good idea to prioritize on classes that follow your chosen course of study, it also wouldn’t hurt to take a new subject.¬†You never know, you might actually like it!

Photojournalists on the job

As an art major, I’m pretty much relegated to the Pool Art Center for the bulk of my classes but I still like to change up my schedule just a little bit. Exploring different options can also help fulfill some of the different course requirements like Social Sciences or Fine Arts.

I know a majority of the people in my Photography I class are not actual art majors or plan on pursuing photojournalism as a career, but are taking it for the experience of the class and the enjoyment of it. I know I don’t necessarily plan on being a photographer, but I really enjoy the class and I’m glad I’m taking it.

If your schedule has some openings and you’d like to pursue something that you think you might find interesting, why not pursue something new? Political science major? How about take a drawing class? Graphic design major? How about Anthropology? You might find out that you really enjoy it and who knows, it might turn into a new major or minor.

It’s always good to try new things and you should never rule out an opportunity to explore new options! Hope you have a good weekend!