The Allure of Thrift Stores

March 6, 2013 in Uncategorized by admin


It is pretty safe to assume that most thrift stores (a shop that sells used articles, especially clothing, as to benefit a charitable organization) see quite a lot of college kids browsing through their merchandise. Myself included. But why the sudden fascination with the $5 sweater?

Is it the because of the growing popularity of the hipster? What was once a ironic fashion statement now a mainstream fad? Well in true journalistic fashion, I set out to interview Drury Students who frequent local thrift stores to hear about what they have to say.

Here’s a little bit of fellow blogger, Molly Riddle’s take on thrifting:

The best thing Molly’s thrifted recently? A pair of $3 loafers. “I wear them literally everywhere.”

“I’ve always been really attracted to the idea of knowing I’m wearing something that nobody else will likely be wearing. Thrifting has been a huge factor in my personal style and my sense of individuality and has given me the courage to step outside the box with my fashion sense.”

I also asked Wallace RA, Jacob Carlew and here’s what he has to say:

Why do I like thrift stores? I like thrift store because they give you the opportunity to seize this oversized, wool, rough-around-the-edges style movement by the suspenders and dive in! Literally, one could compare thrifting to dumpster-diving. If you’re going, truly to find a gem that you will actually wear, it can be like wading through garbage to find that one perfect McMuffin that accidentally got thrown away.”

Jacob also explained that there’s a big movement to be ironic,that it’s “cool to be uncool”, and that thrift stores are pretty much ripe for the picking. Thrift stores are popular because they offer increasingly popular shoes, sweaters, and novelty coffee mugs at ridiculously low prices. What was once under the radar and relatively uncommon in popular culture, is now a pretty impressive phenomenon. I’m curious to see how this plays out and whether or not it’ll go the way of the buffalo.

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