The Amazing Bloggers of Drury Unscripted

April 25, 2013 in Uncategorized by admin


Instead of writing about dorm life or how much homework I have, I want to take this moment to do a little bragging on the Drury Unscripted team of amazing bloggers. They’re smart, enthusiastic, and really dedicated to writing about stuff that matters to you. Here are some of the different bloggers and what I like about their writing:



A fellow freshman on the blogging team, Dallas is one cool guy. He has great taste in music, movies, and just about everything else. Dallas is really active in student life at Drury as runner for the track team, fellow member of the Enactus team, and also just an incredibly friendly and social guy. One thing in particular that I really like about his blog are his countdown lists, including one of my favorite posts: My Top 5 SSLYBY Jams.

You can check out the rest of his blog at!



I thoroughly enjoy reading Hannah’s blog. Her take on life at Drury is funny and refreshing and always keeps me entertained. She’s so enthusiastic and you can’t help but have a little bit of that enthusiasm rub off on you. My favorite post from Hannah’s blog is probably her very first post; you immediately see just what I’m talking about. Check it out, it’s called: It went a little something like this….

Want more? Then go right ahead to!



The resident senior of the blogging team, Molly offers a unique perspective in her writing. Wonderfully creative, her personality shines through in all of her posts. She frequently writes about dorm life as an RA, the ins and outs of student life at Drury, and the events that happen here. My favorite post? My best Drury decision: The RA life, it definitely spurred some interest in me to consider applying to be an RA.

It’s definitely a good one, be sure to read the rest of her posts at



Tinsley is funny, entertaining, helpful, and a shameless Justin Bieber fan. Her blog is an honest and open look at what life is like from Tinsley’s shoes. As a swimmer, she also offers a really interesting look at the nationally recognized (and all around incredible) Drury swim team. One of my favorite posts from her blog is her shameless and totally enthusiastic defense of her love of Justin Bieber, read it at What I’m Not Embarrassed to Admit…

Read the rest of her blog (and her other Justin Bieber posts because there are a lot more) at



Kaitlyn definitely has a career of journalism in her future. She isn’t afraid to get down to business is researching for topics and offering content that not only is factual, but also totally compelling. She offers a lot of helpful information about Drury majors, especially in Communication. If you have any questions or would like someone to find answers about stuff at Drury that you’d like to know about, Kaitlyn is your girl. Be sure to shoot her a suggestion for a topic or any burning questions at Ask Kaitlyn!

Check out her other posts at


The bloggers of Drury Unscripted are all incredibly fun and interesting and offer a diverse and totally real look at what life is REALLY like here at Drury. I highly recommend taking a look at all of their blogs because I know they put a lot of hard work into them. Who knows, maybe you discover that you might want to join this team next year!