Why I Chose Drury

November 2, 2012 in Personal by admin


I’m now 4 months into my freshman year here at Drury and I can honestly say that I have seriously enjoyed (almost) every minute of it. I’m not just bragging for the college either, I genuinely enjoy coming here and I really feel like I’ve made the best choice for college. But surprisingly, Drury wasn’t my top choice.

Students attending National Portfolio Day

Throughout high school, I was heavily involved in art whether that be art club, taking multiple art classes every year, or just staying after school because I wanted to work on extra projects. I had always assumed I would just apply to get into an art school like the Kansas City Art Institute or the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

I worked really hard through my years in high school to build up my portfolio in the hopes of applying and getting accepted to one of these schools. I attended events like National Portfolio day (which is kind of like a college fair, but for art schools) where I brought my portfolio to admission reps from art schools and listened to their input on what they liked and how I needed to improve.

One of the lion statues that stands outside the Art Institute of Chicago

Fortunately, my family has been pretty involved in Drury for a lot of my life. My mom went to Drury back when it was just called Drury College and now she works for the Drury branch campus in Monett. My older sister was also going to Drury while I was in high school and I would always hear about what life is like as a current student. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated my dear mother’s input, but I liked having a more current look of what life is like as a Drury student.

I was always encouraged to consider Drury, but I was never forced into it. My parents instead wanted me to look for a school that would be the best fit for me (even though Drury really IS the best fit for me, but I’ll talk about that later). It wasn’t until about a quarter into my senior year when I started to seriously start to research my college prospects did I realize that Drury might actually be a pretty good choice.

I can remember going to college fairs my senior year and asking loads of different schools what their art programs are like and nearly every single college rep told me flat out that they didn’t really know anything about it…except Drury. Not only did the Drury representative give me a detailed explanation of everything Drury has to offer, but they also explained their art program, and even helped schedule a meeting with one of the art professors! It’s not everywhere you get this kind of personalized attention!

The more I saw what Drury has to offer, the more I wanted to apply. I wanted a small school, but with a diverse student body. Check! I wanted it to be close to home but I still wanted to be on my own and independent. Check! I wanted a school that not only has a good art program, but also offers a wide range of other fields of study. CHECK!

By winter break my senior year, I was dead set on Drury and I can easily say that I wouldn’t have wanted to go to any other school.┬áNow don’t get me wrong, Kansas City Art Institute and the Art Institute in Chicago are both excellent schools, but they just lacked the certain qualities I have learned to love here at Drury.

Everybody enjoy your weekend!