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May 12, 2013 in Internships, Just Me, Summer

Hey everyone!

So sorry for the sloth-like period of my blog these last two weeks. I’ve been busy traveling, working, and of course cramming for finals. Excuses, excuses. I totally should have been paying much more attention to you guys, my audience.

This is the final post I’ll be writing as a junior at Drury! I’m so excited to be heading to San Francisco for the entire summer for my internship. I’ll be interning at an advertising agency called Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners as a media coordinator intern, most likely working on the Mini Cooper account! Holla! I’ll also be living on a houseboat with two other interns from completely different parts of the nation. San Francisco is my motherland, as I was born there and enjoyed the first three months of my life there. Just kidding, I obviously have no recollection as a three-month old.

Besides those crazy aspects of summer, I also get to look forward to my 21st birthday, having friends come to visit, a week in Newport Beach, and apparently a cold summer? Yeah, the latter… I’m not looking forward to so much. Apparently San Fran’s summers are cold. I’ll sure miss the desert’s triple degree weather this summer (for real though).

I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from this year to wrap up everything.

Last thing!! Show my fellow blogger, Molly Riddle, some love on her blog. She is our only senior on the blog team, and will be leaving us in a few days.  Leave her some comments and whatnot. She’s awesome, and the team will not be the same next year without her expertise and sillyness!

Have a great summer, Drury community! Dueces!


My Drury Difference

April 27, 2013 in Classes, Communication Department, Student Spotlights

This blog post was inspired by classmate Hannah Shirley, when she showcased this picture on her Twitter:

Hannah's tweet


In our Strategic Media Class, we are mock “consultants” for Springfield bakeries, helping them to grow brand awareness and sales through media tactics.

Our professor, Dr. Waters, gave each classmate a cupcake-shaped notepad to inspire our work in the upcoming weeks. It was beyond precious.

Hannah’s decision to include the “#drurydifference” in this tweet may seem dramatic (since I highly doubt Hannah’s Drury Difference is defined by this gift solely), but I find so much truth in it at the same time.

The so-called “Drury Difference” is what makes students’ college experiences unique here at Drury. My Drury Difference has been illuminated over the past month, especially through my Strategic Media class.

Having the opportunity to work with local small businesses is giving us a slight taste of the realities of so many hard working Americans, while receiving class-credit at the same time. Though many reasons exist for why my college experience is unique from friends who attend other universities, this is the Drury Difference I’d like to point out today.

Have a fantastic weekend, and if you are in the mood for a serious throwback jam, check it:


A Busy Weekend in Pictures

April 23, 2013 in Athletic Life, Campus Events, Communication Department, Just Me, Outta Town

AAF & Glidden

Competition in Kansas City Missouri, 2nd place in our region, our presenters ROCKED it!


A parade to recognize the 3 National championships: Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving and Men’s Basketball. Clydesdales led the way. If you haven’t watched the Superbowl commercial featuring these creatures, be prepared to cry like a baby.

Speed Dating

I met some new people on Friday night at Speed Dating. My favorite question asked: “Do you prefer chunky or smooth peanut butter?”… A definite deal breaker of a question.

Swimming Alumni

It was alumni weekend. Pictured is one of my favorite coaches from my freshman year, Sneaky Tomas.

Presh pups

Everyone, meet Frank. He’s old, kinda grumpy, and chubby. But the most precious ever.

CRAY-sian Bag

To wrap up the weekend, we had our final secret swimmer gift exchange. Throughout the year, we’ve been anonymously giving a teammate gifts prior to swim meets. Janet was mine, and she got me a beautiful bag from Hong Kong, her hometown.

Desserts on desserts on desserts

Kahlua cake, chocolate chip cookies, cake balls(!!!!!!), milkshakes, and gluten-free brownies to celebrate our final secret swimmer exchange.


Ad Team Dress Rehearsal

April 15, 2013 in Ad Team, Ad/PR Club, Campus Events, Classes, Communication Department

Disclosure: no one was actually bombarded with paint during this photo shoot. Thanks to Jesse Tase and Christa Scott for creating this flyer!

Everyone is invited! However, I especially encourage people to come who:

  • Are interested in advertising, public relations, marketing, management, visual communication, graphic design, and multimedia and journalism fields. This class is for you!
  • Want to come out and support your friends and peers who took on Ad Team this semester, especially our five members who are presenting!

The team will travel to Kansas City to present and compete this Friday, and we could really use your support at our dress rehearsal tomorrow at 4pm!

Learn more about Ad Team, and read up on Molly’s archived blog posts about her experience on the team last year!



Carrying on…

April 11, 2013 in Just Me, Justin Bieber

Or in my case, struggling on.

As the semester inches closer to its end, the level of anxiety and stress definitely raises in most students’ cases. People realize:

  • “Oh dang it, not much time left to get my grades up!”
  • “Wait… if that class is full I’m going to have to redo my fall schedule NOOOO!”
  • Or, if you’re like me, “If this cold weather doesn’t bounce, I’m out. Not emerging into the outdoors until I can wear shorts. C’monnnn, it’s April!”

No matter what meltdowns I’m about to have, I have a few outlets that help me keep calm and keep my cool. ‘Cuz I’m way cool… I joke.

A space where Drury students can anonymously submit who they’re crushing on. Absolutely hilarious and light-hearted. Thanks to Drury’s small size, I can recognize who is being talked about, and can play the guessing game of submitter. Ryan delves deeper into the content of the site.
  • Music
Obviously, JBieb’s Believe album is a no brainer here. He’s got something for my every mood. But more recently, I’ve been enjoying the tunes of Songza. Specifically, the 90s playlists. Today in the shower, I was listening to a playlist entitled One Hit Wonders from the 90s, and all I could think was “I hope no one in my apartment thinks I’m a lunatic.” I like Big Butts, The Macarena, and Cotten Eyed Joe aren’t songs I want my roommates thinking I listen to on a regular basis.
  • Common’s Breakfast

Breakfast with the team.

My omelete just the way I like it. Hiland chocolate milk. And biscuits on biscuits on biscuits. Enough said.
  • Mind massages
A term coined by my high school latin teacher to describe easy assignments, I now use the term to refer to watching my guilty pleasure shows: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Atlanta. TV doesn’t turn your brain to mush, it only massages it.
How do you carry/struggle on with life? Share below!



#allweDUiswin NCAA tournaments!

April 7, 2013 in Athletic Life, Campus Events

Today is an awesome day to be a Drury panther!

Lookie… one point! And the fans storm the court!

The men’s basketball team captured the National title in Atlanta. And claimed their title by one point! #allweDUiswin, #DruryPanthers, and #NationalChampions are just some of the hashtags that you can follow if you want more coverage, photos, and news about the exciting night! A celebration is in order… starting with Drury canceling classes for tomorrow. Yep, this is real life. No complaints, no complaints.

Throughout the week, I was asked by my peers how I felt about the attention the basketball’s team received: Are you mad that school is canceled for this game even though the swimmers/divers have won nine NCAA championship titles? How do you feel about the school and boosters paying for busses to ship kids to cheer the team on even though that was never done for your national meets? 

I’m so happy for the men’s team tonight. In my opinion, they work extremely hard on the court and are very deserving of the win. But heck yeah, where were the last nine Mondays off school in honor of our men’s swimming and diving team wins? I understand the day off tomorrow is existent to accommodate the student body who traveled to support the team, and such an opportunity did not exist for any of our swimming/diving championship meets. The NCAA swim and dive competition stretches over 4-days, and that would be very expensive for Drury to ship the student body to, as well as require those who chose to attend to miss quite a bit a school, whereas the NCAA basketball championship was one game, one day.

In all, I’m pumped for the day off tomorrow, and cannot wait to congratulate every basketball player I see on Tuesday!


Hello 21st century!

March 29, 2013 in Internships

Tinsley with iPhone

iPhone and duckface! Totally cute combo.

I was welcomed to the 21st century (or maybe just 2007) with this little treasure of a gadget. I share my first week’s experience with my new iPhone 5 in the video below. Enjoy, and Happy Easter weekend!




Dorm life: What the cool kids do

March 28, 2013 in Freshman Adjustments, Living

dorm life

A gathering of friends from multiple floors into one room, with a slightly unsuccessful timer-picture.

College is a time of independence, exploration, blah blah blah. But dorm life, that is an animal of its own kind.

Living in Smith Hall my freshman year was luckily a positive experience. I immediately felt a sense of community (of wild noisy freshmen), and it was an overall cozy, rustic environment. If Smith were a human, it would be a grandma. Ancient in its build, but so loveable and wise.

Now, I’ve moved on from dorm life and onto apartment life. In University Suites, I have only a slight idea of who my neighbors are (perhaps I’m just an unfriendly grouch); however, I am not in desperate need of a sense of community in a living environment anymore. My apartment life allows me much more privacy: Not only do I have my own room and bathroom, but I can barge into my room and turn on the lights after a long night of studying (or whatever) and not worry about waking my roommate. With no roommate, I feel quite less terrible about yelling in my sleep (a weird oddity of mine).

Suitemates having fun, freshman year.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss living with former roommate Meghan a lot. Dorm life allowed us to bond and get to know each other at an unprecedented rate. It’s strange to think about how close we became in such a short amount of time. This; however, is not atypical of roommates who are perfect matches 🙂 Now, she’s just across the living room, so not too terribly far. I know she doesn’t miss my midnight sleep chatter.

If you have any questions about Drury living, ask in the comments below!


My First Storify: NCAA D2 Swim & Dive Recap

March 25, 2013 in Athletic Life

Click the picture below to see my full story on NCAA Division 2 swimming and diving competition through a Storify!


A brief take on popularity… at Drury and on Twitter!

March 14, 2013 in Classes, Communication Department

Social media yields so much power. Not just for ourselves, but for organizations, brands, nonprofits, and so on.

Think about it. If you’ve ever been mentioned or tagged in a post from something relatively well known, you feel pretty nifty. So nifty that you sometimes screenshot and save the proof (oh wait, maybe that’s just me):

Chipotle tweet

My all time fav burrito joint gave me a holla!


Maybe some would think these recognitions were almost as cool as getting shouts by the Regina Georges of our high schools. Because we all know the popularity and power that lies in those girls/guys hands is ridiculous!

Today in Strategic Media, we learned about a tool that businesses like Chipotle should be using (and maybe they are) to calculate their popularity on Twitter: Twtrland. You can check out average retweet and reply rates. And yes, you can type in your own twitter handle and see how popular YOU ARE! (I did, and I am pretty certain it is far from impressive).

Popularity at Drury does not exist in the same form as it did at my high school. In fact, I see that it barely exists here (and I find this quite odd with Drury’s small size). Perhaps popularity in college should be determined by our Twitter prestige. If that were the case, I think @DUProbz would be the Regina George of  Drury (minus the hateful sabotage of fellow peers). 🙂

Are you more popular than me? I average 1.4 tweets per day, 18 RTs for every 100, and have 48 replies for every 100.  Put me to shame in the comments below.