6 things Drury students say during Finals Week

December 5, 2012 in Campus Events, Freshman Adjustments


Inspired from a post I saw on College Humor, here’s 5 things Drury students (or perhaps just I) say during finals week.

Smart kid

How I wish I answered all my exam questions…

1. “Excuse me Professor so-and-so, can I move my Friday final to earlier?”

Every semester since I’ve been at Drury, I’ve had an obnoxiously placed final at 1pm on the last day of finals week. Luckily, my professors have always been extremely flexible in allowing me to take the final early. This is especially crucial when I book my flights home for Thursday mornings.

2. “I did NOT know there were going to be essay questions on that exam!”

When these words slip my lips, I’m trying to say: “Yeah, I definitely failed.”

3. “Why does the library close at fricken 12 a.m.?! I have so much left to do!”

Unfortunately, Olin does not stay open any later than its usual hours during finals week. This is when I become acquainted with Springfield Hall, which is still not my favorite place to study; however, it beats studying at home where I’ll end up veggin’ on the couch watching Law and Order SVU or Glee.

4. “I haven’t slept in like 2 days.”

What I really mean to say is: “I’m sleeping only a couple hours at night, but am enjoying long cat naps during the day.” This is actually not specific to finals week in my case. Whoops, sorry Mom.

5. “To go or to not go to Late-Night Breakfast at the Commons?”

This campus event has a purpose of giving students a break from studying to enjoy breakfast in the late hours of the night. I’ve been before, but I often stuff myself to the point where my half-hour break turns into something quite a bit longer… To go or to not go?

6. “I need to get an 187% on this final to get the ‘A’ I want!”

I’m continuing to learn the importance of excelling during the semesters at Drury so I don’t have to worry about getting an impossible grade on my final exams. Nonetheless, I always find something to stress about during finals week.