Ad Team Dress Rehearsal

April 15, 2013 in Ad Team, Ad/PR Club, Campus Events, Classes, Communication Department

Disclosure: no one was actually bombarded with paint during this photo shoot. Thanks to Jesse Tase and Christa Scott for creating this flyer!

Everyone is invited! However, I especially encourage people to come who:

  • Are interested in advertising, public relations, marketing, management, visual communication, graphic design, and multimedia and journalism fields. This class is for you!
  • Want to come out and support your friends and peers who took on Ad Team this semester, especially our five members who are presenting!

The team will travel to Kansas City to present and compete this Friday, and we could really use your support at our dress rehearsal tomorrow at 4pm!

Learn more about Ad Team, and read up on Molly’s archived blog posts about her experience on the team last year!