A brief take on popularity… at Drury and on Twitter!

March 14, 2013 in Classes, Communication Department

Social media yields so much power. Not just for ourselves, but for organizations, brands, nonprofits, and so on.

Think about it. If you’ve ever been mentioned or tagged in a post from something relatively well known, you feel pretty nifty. So nifty that you sometimes screenshot and save the proof (oh wait, maybe that’s just me):

Chipotle tweet

My all time fav burrito joint gave me a holla!


Maybe some would think these recognitions were almost as cool as getting shouts by the Regina Georges of our high schools. Because we all know the popularity and power that lies in those girls/guys hands is ridiculous!

Today in Strategic Media, we learned about a tool that businesses like Chipotle should be using (and maybe they are) to calculate their popularity on Twitter: Twtrland. You can check out average retweet and reply rates. And yes, you can type in your own twitter handle and see how popular YOU ARE! (I did, and I am pretty certain it is far from impressive).

Popularity at Drury does not exist in the same form as it did at my high school. In fact, I see that it barely exists here (and I find this quite odd with Drury’s small size). Perhaps popularity in college should be determined by our Twitter prestige. If that were the case, I think @DUProbz would be the Regina George of  Drury (minus the hateful sabotage of fellow peers). 🙂

Are you more popular than me? I average 1.4 tweets per day, 18 RTs for every 100, and have 48 replies for every 100.  Put me to shame in the comments below.