A Messy Room: So What?

November 18, 2012 in Freshman Adjustments, Just Me, Living

I believe in expressing my personality through a messy room.

My lovely desk.

After I come home from a school day filled with structured assignments and orderly classrooms, it is delightful to relax in my room. My bedroom; however, is what my mom describes as disorderly, cluttered, and chaotic. My clothes are thrown everywhere, text books are found in all places except my bookshelf and backpack, and my desk is now home to more than 50 mementos from the past 4 years of my college life.

Before I departed for my first year at Drury, my mother was beyond nervous that my roommate was going to be completely annoyed at my messy habits. What my mom did not understand; however, was that my room is a place of pure expression. And it turns out, my roommate did not shun me because of my inability to put away clothes.

If I were forced to keep a clean room, my personality would be destroyed. Gone! Obliterated!I would not be able to sleep at night knowing that my life identity had been compromised. As a mother, I know that she can especially relate to the importance of keeping individuality.

One of my many piles of clothes…

A messy room, so what? Perhaps you could make the inference that with all the time I saved not cleaning my room, I was doing something more productive like catching up on sleep or solving the cure for cancer. Further, there are worse vices in life like cigarettes, alcohol, and illegally parking in “Handicap Only” spaces at the supermarket. Right?

In my mind, tidy rooms symbolize the impossibility of trying to find perfection in a less than perfect world. Life is messy, and that can’t be changed. Some might see my room as a squalid and scrambled nook of confusion and utter entanglement, but I see something beautiful and peaceful. And I certainly do not intend to change a thing about it.

What is a weird way you express your personality? Let’s hear from you!