Classes for the Spring and Random Reflects

December 9, 2012 in Ad Team, Classes, Communication Department, Just Me

As this semester comes to an end, I’ve started to slightly reflect on what I’ve accomplished these past 16 weeks as a Drury student. Not in a mushy-gushy sentimental way, but instead, to quantify my accomplishments (and failures!).

I think too frequently, college students do not take the time to mentally or physically ‘record’ what they’ve achieved. Professors throw us assignments from every which way, and we don’t give ourselves enough credit for our abilities to juggle it all. Learning how to craft a website from scratch through a new language, writing a 60-page research paper, giving countless presentations, and digesting the details of neuroscience has been my semester in a nutshell. I was given so many hands-on opportunities this semester, and I’m confident that I can embellish on them in job interviews to set me apart from others.

My schedule for the spring!

And I’ve successfully registered for my spring 2013 classes! I’m most excited/nervous for Ad Team. I’ll be working with some extremely bright seniors to help develop a campaign for Glidden paint products. Once developed, we will have the chance to compete in Kansas City against other college students to see who has the best idea for Glidden. More hands on work!

Peace out blogosphere, and good luck on finals everyone!