Last post!

May 12, 2013 in Internships, Just Me, Summer

Hey everyone!

So sorry for the sloth-like period of my blog these last two weeks. I’ve been busy traveling, working, and of course cramming for finals. Excuses, excuses. I totally should have been paying much more attention to you guys, my audience.

This is the final post I’ll be writing as a junior at Drury! I’m so excited to be heading to San Francisco for the entire summer for my internship. I’ll be interning at an advertising agency called Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners as a media coordinator intern, most likely working on the Mini Cooper account! Holla! I’ll also be living on a houseboat with two other interns from completely different parts of the nation. San Francisco is my motherland, as I was born there and enjoyed the first three months of my life there. Just kidding, I obviously have no recollection as a three-month old.

Besides those crazy aspects of summer, I also get to look forward to my 21st birthday, having friends come to visit, a week in Newport Beach, and apparently a cold summer? Yeah, the latter… I’m not looking forward to so much. Apparently San Fran’s summers are cold. I’ll sure miss the desert’s triple degree weather this summer (for real though).

I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from this year to wrap up everything.

Last thing!! Show my fellow blogger, Molly Riddle, some love on her blog. She is our only senior on the blog team, and will be leaving us in a few days. ┬áLeave her some comments and whatnot. She’s awesome, and the team will not be the same next year without her expertise and sillyness!

Have a great summer, Drury community! Dueces!