My Drury Difference

April 27, 2013 in Classes, Communication Department, Student Spotlights

This blog post was inspired by classmate Hannah Shirley, when she showcased this picture on her Twitter:

Hannah's tweet


In our Strategic Media Class, we are mock “consultants” for Springfield bakeries, helping them to grow brand awareness and sales through media tactics.

Our professor, Dr. Waters, gave each classmate a cupcake-shaped notepad to inspire our work in the upcoming weeks. It was beyond precious.

Hannah’s decision to include the “#drurydifference” in this tweet may seem dramatic (since I highly doubt Hannah’s Drury Difference is defined by this gift solely), but I find so much truth in it at the same time.

The so-called “Drury Difference” is what makes students’ college experiences unique here at Drury. My Drury Difference has been illuminated over the past month, especially through my Strategic Media class.

Having the opportunity to work with local small businesses is giving us a slight taste of the realities of so many hard working Americans, while receiving class-credit at the same time. Though many reasons exist for why my college experience is unique from friends who attend other universities, this is the Drury Difference I’d like to point out today.

Have a fantastic weekend, and if you are in the mood for a serious throwback jam, check it: