The Buzz In Shewmaker This Week

October 4, 2012 in Classes, Communication Department, Justin Bieber

I think many Drury students can agree professors are bombarding students with assignments, projects, and exams this week. Not to worry, read Molly’s recent blog post about how to prevent stress!

Here’s a snapshot of my week in the classroom: 

Web Communication: Planning for my Justin Bieber fan website! The cool thing about combining upper division classes with some Drury pizazz is you get the freedom to explore topics of your interest, while at the same time receiving legitimate and personalized feedback. Only at Drury would a professor allow me to dedicate my semester project to exemplifying my fanatic obsession for the Biebs. Though it is a light-hearted subject, this class is by no means a light-hearted class.

Preview of my website

A preview for my Bieber fan page. Watch out.

Research and Strategy of Ad/PR: Developing and planning for conducting a focus group interview. Our project is to gain awareness of college kids’ opinions on Chipotle as a restaurant. Two other group members and I are preparing Chipotle-related questions and activities to ask a small group of students. Again, we picked a topic that interested us. Since two of us are swimmers within my group, Chipotle was kind of a no brainer/we were super hungry at the time our professor made us choose a brand.

Exploration and Discovery (a science class): Brushing up on my basic neuroscience knowledge. It’s not rocket science, so it can’t be that hard… right? Just a random general education class I must take to satisfy GP21. I put it under the Shewmaker category because on the original schedule, it called for meeting in Shew 222. A science class in a communication building? HA!! It was immediately changed after the first session of classes, sadly.